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Monday, January 03, 2005

Water Thanks

Water Thanks
     by Joseph Bruchac
The drop of water
hangs from the faucet
pulsing, the heart
of the well still beating
I never drink water
Harold Elm told me
even from the sink
without saying
a prayer of thanks
the drop of water
trembles, holding
the face of all the worlds

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At January 3, 2005 at 12:19 PM, Blogger TexasChick said...

Hey, H20 Man,

Have you seen the new Plame thread from TacticalPeek. Here it is:


It sounds a little bit plausible to me, but of course it's hard for me to understand this stuff. But, seemslikeadream has something from Peter Lance on Patrick Fitzgerald - s/he seems to insinuate that Peter Lance thinks Fitzgerald is part of the cover up. What are your thoughts on this?


At January 3, 2005 at 1:35 PM, Blogger Me. said...

I got a google alert on this too. What do you think H.? It's an intriguing idea. Also, once the judge makes a decision about miller etc., and if it is against her, does she then go to jail if she doesn't give the info up? This last hearing was an appeal wasn't it? Are there appeals of appeals?

At January 4, 2005 at 9:52 AM, Blogger Patrick O'Waterman said...

I did read the new thread on DU. It seems very likely that Mr. Novak has been called to testify by Mr. Fitzgerald. That would indicate that: {1} Novak has been notified that he will be called, but hasn't yet been asked to take the stand; {2} Novak is refusing to testify, and has filed an appeal, much in the manner of the two other reporters; {3} Novak took the stand and pled the 5th; {4} Novak took that stand and [a] testified honestly, or [b] lied.

If it were 4b, as the new thread mentioned, having the two other reporters testify would not tend to be of any significance, unless: {1} one or both were on the phone line when the White House officials called Novak; or {b} were involved in the plan to contact Novak and the five or more other journalists.

Far more likely is that Fitzgerald is considering the number of "counts" to charge the WH officials with. Each time they called a reporter, it is a federal offense. Keep in mind in early December, there were articles about (unnamed) WH officials claiming to have read a "wire copy" of Novak's article identifying Plame, before they called reporters.

Because a person could not claim that they learned about Plame from an article they were the source for, this indicates that Mr. Rove is using this shallow defense for his calls to Chris Matthews and others. It indicates that three or more WH sources are being investigated.

Thus, the theory that Novak testified and lied seems unlikely.

At January 4, 2005 at 2:04 PM, Blogger TexasChick said...

H20 Man, thanks for your reply. What is your opinion about this Peter Lance fella? Do you think he is dead on about Fitzgerald being part of the cover up(which it seems to me, he is not), or do you think he is blowing smoke up our asses about Fitzgerald? That was what was worrying me about that thread. Several DU members agreed that they think Fitzgerald is delaying the investigation. Thanks!

At January 4, 2005 at 3:25 PM, Blogger Patrick O'Waterman said...

There are people who do not trust Fitzgerald, simply because of who he is associated with. Remember, when Ashcroft recused himself, his assistant selected Fitzgerald. So that alone caused some concern.

Then there are people who are even more concerned because of some of the past cases that he was involved in. "Seemslikeadream" has noted one or two important cases in particular. I think that she has valid reason for concern. But I think we have to look closely at this particular case in a different context.

Fitzgerald has also won recognition from his peers for being pretty much on the straight and narrow as far as being a federal prosecutor. He has shown the ability to go after popular political figures in the Chicago area. And he has been at times rigid in following his own personal code of right and wrong.

More, we know that Ambassador Joseph Wilson is confident that Fitzgerald is doing a thorough job. I think we would likely all agree that Wilson has more on the line here (and more knowledge of exactly what Fitz is doing) than the average DUer. Having read the thread in question, I found a couple people with strong "opinions" to be ignorant at best and generally misinformed on what is occuring.

This type of conspiracy is, in fact, the single hardest type of case to prove in court. If Fitzgerald were merely looking to cover-up what occured, he could have done so long ago, and no one would even be in a position to review his work, or second-guess his decisions.

We are on track. This is moving at a steady pace. In the United States, too many people expect instant results and gratification. The real world does not work like that.


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